About Us

As a member of the exclusive EXEC-U-CARD, you will save hundreds and in some cases thousands of Rands on everything from holidays, health, travel, motoring, restaurants, health spas, wellness products and much, much more! You will have access to an exclusive discounted shopping and voucher mall, with pre-negotiated real and instant value offerings on national brands.

EXEC-U-CARD passes the full negotiated value with the service provider back to you, our valued member... Providing you with true value on the products and services you use. There are no points here... just real, tangible, value on thousands of pre-negotiated offerings that makes cents.

As a member of the programme, you gain access to an exclusive world of benefits and discounts. Utilising our unique internet portal, you can generate and print your own virtual vouchers, or simply contact our EXEC-U-CARD help desk, where a friendly assistant will be more than willing to assist.

EXEC-U-CARD is committed to maintain its current benefits by offering its members the best negotiated value, but more importantly, to make sure that we continue to add new benefits all the time.